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How to prepare for your carpet cleaning appointment.

carpet cleaning

1. Vacuum. Although your technician will vacuum, getting the everyday soils up before our arrival will allow us to concentrate on the deep down soiling.

2. Remove fragile items from the areas needing cleaned. Although we take great care while in your home, sometimes accidents may happen.

3. Remove all small items from the floor, such as toys, baskets, floor lamps, etc. It's also a good idea to pin up low hanging fabrics such as drapes and bedding, and any clothing in closets that are low to the floor.

4. We do move some furniture such as couches, chairs and small tables at no charge. We do not move bulky, heavy furniture such as dressers, beds, hutches, etc. If you would like us to clean under these larger items, please have them moved prior to our arrival.

5. Please keep your pets in a room that we will not be carpet cleaning.

6. Be ready to point out any areas of concern, such as stains or odors.

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